Timber Windows & Doors

Upgrade your home with Timber Windows and Doors in Christchurch and Dorset by Concept Windows!

Ideal for giving your home that traditional look, timber windows and doors are a great choice if you are upgrading original frames or carrying out a new project. They will add a beautiful warm look to your home.

Timber’s performance can now match man-made alternatives, and in some cases, it’s even better. Our timber is carefully selected to be knot free and is prevented from warping and twisting. Our timber is selected from renewable sources, so not only does it look great, it also has proven green sources.

The strong and stable timber is taken from European Redwood plantations across Northern Europe.

Timber windows

Flush casement timber windows are ideal for conservation areas, as well as in traditional new builds and refurbishments. They give great levels of insulation as the sash closes tightly into the frame, keeping out droughts. The casement windows also include a multi-point locking system, making them very safe and secure. Choose from 200 colours including having a different colour on the inside to the outside frame.

Lipped casement timber windows are a great choice for homes that are in exposed positions as they give a greater level of weather protection. This is achieved by having the sash closing over the frame. As well as giving great level of insulation, these timber windows have a multi-point locking system for great strength and security levels. Choose from a range of over 200 colours to suit your home. You can even select different colours for the inside and outside of the window frames.

We can provide sash windows that replicate original sash windows of Georgian or Victorian homes. But our sash timber windows are built to stop any draughts and are rattle free. They can be fitted with traditional sash cords with a weight or on springs which are tidily hidden away.

Timber doors

Timber doors in Dorset, such as entrance doors, are available in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Timber Bi-fold doors are strong, safe and can span a width of up to nine metres wide.

Patio doors that slide horizontally may have as many as six sliding panels that can be up to three metres wide for each panel.

Both the bi-fold doors and patio doors have a safety feature that prevents them being lifted out and a multi-point locking system to safeguard against a break in.

French timber doors are available in a range of styles from traditional to contemporary, can open in to the room or out to suit.
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